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What if you could learn how to lower your blood sugar without dieting, stop having intense carb cravings, and say goodbye to the energy slump that follows every meal?

Enrolling in the Lowering Your Blood Sugar Without Dieting online course will help you gain control over your blood sugar levels (without having to go low-carb) so that you feel your best. 

If you’re ready to significantly lower your A1c the next time you have your labs checked, you’re going to love this course! 

“Hi Dione! I have great news to share, I got my a1c lab test today after 3 months and I’m down to 5.6%!!! Thank you so much for all of your wisdom. I know I can keep using your method forever because it’s so sustainable and enjoyable.” 

The Lower Your Blood Sugar Without Dieting Course is for You If…

You’re ready to lower your blood sugar without doing keto, intermittent fasting, Noom or any other diet

You are working toward getting off Metformin and leaning on diet and lifestyle changes

You want to eat your fav desserts without causing a big blood sugar spike

You’re ready to figure out the right portion sizes that leave you feeling satisfied while also keeping your blood sugar levels steady 

You want to reduce intense carb cravings and binge eating 

You’re ready to learn what to look for on a nutrition label and learn how it can impact your blood sugar levels

Your blood sugar levels influence your emotions, sleep quality, cravings, and so much more

whether you’re struggling with...

your body is telling you it’s time to take control of your blood sugar levels

post-meal energy slumps

obsessive cravings for carbs that lead to binges

disrupted sleep

frequent headaches


hair loss

brain fog

or just simply feel off…

In the Lower Your Blood Sugar Without Dieting Course I’ll show you exactly how to do this! 

“I have been working through your program for about 6 months. I just got my most recent A1C results and I went from 7 to 6.2. I couldn’t be more excited and proud! I’m so glad I found you on Instagram!” 

What’s the Alternative?

You can try another diet, but you already know deep down it’s not going to work. It’s not your fault. These diets don’t work for everyone; Most of them are simply not designed for long-term management of blood sugar.

You can keep pushing through your day with cravings, brain fog, and the constant need for caffeine after each meal. But is that really any way to live? Are you really getting to the root of the issue?

Or you can join the Lower Your Blood Sugar Without Dieting Course and learn a proven method for getting your blood sugar back into the normal range so you feel your best! 

When you enroll in this course you’re going to get access to:

26 easy-to-follow video modules that teach you everything you need to know about eating for lower blood sugar 

Video Modules

12 weeks of meal plans with grocery lists 

Meal Plans

Over 500 blood sugar friendly meal and snack ideas 

Meal Ideas

Hundreds of examples of blood sugar friendly foods that show you exactly what to buy at the grocery store 

Grocery Store Guides

Ideas for what to eat at fast food restaurants 

Fast Food Guides

A private Facebook community for additional support while you go through the course 

Facebook Group

You Can Also Upgrade to the Blood Sugar Boss Bundle 

When you upgrade to the bundle you’ll receive access to the Lower Your Blood Sugar Without Dieting course as well as the Beyond Diet: Optimize Your Blood Sugars with Exercise, Stress Management, and Sleep.  

The Beyond Diet course will show you how to:

Lower your blood sugar and A1c using movement (like walking) 

When, how long, and how often you need to walk to maximize its impact on your blood sugar

The relationship between blood sugar and sleep

How to optimize sleep to lower your blood sugar 

How stress elevates blood sugar and what to do about it 

The impact of common supplements on blood sugars 

This course includes:

Video Modules

5 easy-to-follow video modules


5 worksheets to help you put what you learn into a plan you can follow 

12-week beginner’s guide to body movement 

This guide includes recommended strength training exercises, graphics, and repetitions

All exercises can be performed at home - no need for a gym membership 

This guide includes recommended strength training exercises, graphics, and repetitions

All exercises can be performed at home - no need for a gym membership 

“I just wanted to say that I’ve taken your classes and follow your advice. Just got home from the doctor. A1c went from 6.2 down to 5.6 in about a year or so. I am elated!!! I also added in some strength training and lots of walking.”

Here’s Feedback I’ve Received on the Blood Sugar Boss Method 

A Note From Dione 

I know how frustrating it is to try lowering your blood sugar and not see the results you want… and also finding it really hard to give up carbs.

There was a time when I was in your shoes. I had all the symptoms of high blood sugar - fatigue, brain fog, frequent headaches, and trouble sleeping. 

This led to becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist so I could learn how to lower my blood sugar without having to go low carb or no carb. 

Once I learned a proven method for accomplishing my goals, I decided to specialize in blood sugar management so that I could better help you learn how to do this too. 

I want you to know it is 110% possible for you to lower your blood sugar without dieting. 

The Blood Sugar Boss method I teach in my courses is based in science and supported by all those testimonials you just read! 

Dione Milauskas 

Registered Dietitian 
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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